Bristol/Frome You-Centred Counselling

Bristol/Frome You-Centred Counselling became a reality when Martyn and I stumbled across the difficulties student counsellors faced finding counselling placements. The fact that we, as budding new therapists, couldn’t find a place to learn our new-found calling, even when offering our time for free, was a tremendous insight into how it must be for clients finding counselling services… especially wallet friendly counselling.

If we couldn’t get in, how could a client?

“We” are Silky and Martyn. We began as students and are now professionals. Between us we keep BfYC’s services as accessible, as open-minded and as affordable as the day we first embarked on this continuing adventure.

We aim to stay this way.

Our ethos here at BfYC is simple. We adapt our approach to work with the client. What works for one person might not work for another. The tools that echo your own way of being can only be found by listening to you and hearing you.

CONTACT: Silky in Frome 07505 309448 or Martyn in Bristol 07765 578303